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How We Help

If you have a nice product or a great service and you have a website, our live chat agents are ready to serve your site visitors 24x7.

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    We proactively engage your visitors in real time.
  • We proactively engage your visitors in real time 2


    We chat with your visitors to determine their needs.
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    We convert your visitors into potential customers.
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    We send the proper lead to your contact details.

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Call Center Services

We at calling agent proudly presents our specialized call center services twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.

Serving clients through telephones is more convenient and quick as compared to serving them in person. With our 24/7 active call center services; we have been diligently serving our customers for over a decade. Our call center services are not just restricted to telephoning but we also employ live chat, email, texting and social media services. Clients expect consistency of experience, consistent connections, and proactive sharing of data. And this can be achieved with the help of an outsourced customer chat and phone support. The flexibility of our services allows your business to reach out to your wide customer base efficiently and effectively. Because for us, good customer service serves as the life-blood for our business.


You may trust Our Proven Process ⁄ Features for Generating Leads with Live Chat.

  • Live Chat - Personal Manager


    Personal manger is appointed to serves as liaison between the client and us.

  • Live Chat - Lead Forwarding


    After vetting the details, leads are forwarded to clients for taking further actions and to close the sale.

  • Alt : Live Chat Email Support


    Full access of chat transcripts is available to our clients so that they can do quality check.

  • Live Chat - Customized Support


    At Calling Agent, we provide customized support to our clients according to their specifications.

  • Live Chat Software


    Support service on all kind of chat software? including Zopim, Olark, etc. is provided at Calling Agent.

  • Live Chat - Detailed Reporting


    Detailed reports are generated on weekly basis for the clients for review and evaluation.

  • Hire Live Chat Agent


    At Calling Agent, we also provide our client? access to get involve in hiring process.

  • Live Chat Icon


    To show our clients the quality of our work, Free Trial service is offered to them.

Higher Conversions with 24/7 Live Chat Support:

It is very frequent that even when we do shopping on a site or deciding about a holiday spot & destination we get confused and leave the site as there is no help or guidance available. With 24/7 live chat support; a potential customer can clear their confusion by conversing to real person. This increases the chance of conversion.

Live Chat Generates Loyal Customer Base:

A study reveals that 90% of clients visiting sites with live chat support consider live chat helpful. Another research shows that 63% of customers who interacted through live chat support said that they would definitely return to use the site again. This increases the chance of purchase and it's cheaper to use as you don't have to pay for anything and in the meanwhile all your queries are getting replies.

Chat with Jane
Andrew White
Hello Jane! How may I help you?
Jane: I'm unable to login.
Andrew White: I can definitely help you with that.
May I please have your username / email address so
I can pull up your account.
Jane: here you go janefairy1992
Andrew White: Thank you

What is a Lead?

A lead is a successful Chat Engagement in which our chat agent captures a name, phone number and/or email of someone who has expressed interest in your product & service. If you want us to ask your visitors more qualifying questions, you can direct our copy writers to include more questions in the response guide.

Can I self chat with my website visitors?

Certainly. You can. We can help you with it if that's required.

How will you understand my offerings?

We work diligently to understand your product or service. We go through each document & FAQ section on your company website to ensure we know it all. Additionally, our agents will connect with you on Skype to get additional information from you if that is required.

Is my information secure?

Yes! We have a legal procedure (Non disclosure agreement signing) to ensure our clients information stays 100% secure.

How do I get the chat working on my website?

Installing the chat onto your website is as easy as putting two extra lines of code on your site. We will provide this once your account is set up and you can either pass the instructions to your web developer or we can assign one of our developers to do the job.

What happens after the Free Trial?

We will be in constant touch with you during the 15 days free trial. Once the trial is over, You can decide to continue having live chat on your website and provide awesome service to your customers or you can cancel the subscription and you won? be charged anything.

Do you offer an account manager? What is their role?

Yes! Every plan, from 1 agent to custom plans, has an personal account manager assigned to it. The account manager is here to help get you on board with your support plan. Contact them if you need anything at all! It is their job to make sure you are satisfied with the level of support your business is receiving.

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